Sitemap - 2023 - Unskool's Newsletter

Academic Publishing is a Joke

Profit Motive vs War Motive

The College Degree is Obsolete

The Plan for 2024

The MCU is Dead. Kill It Already.

Jonathan Haidt Destroys the Social Sciences and Humanities

Language Eugenics in Academia

Richard Wolff's Socialism Debunked

Amy Klobuchar Sucks at Free Speech

Is Narcissism to Blame for the Antisemitism of Academics?

Rand Paul Says Fauci Belongs in Prison

Elon Musk Offers $1 Billion to Wikipedia

Google Search is Woke, Inclusive, and Corrupt

Misplaced Empathy Centralizes Authority

The stunning cowardice of American academia

Jordan Peterson was right about "Postmodern Neo-Marxism"

The Degeneration of American Culture

A Call for Parental Rights

Epic Mom Destroys Useless School Board

Socialist Loser Congressman Pulls Fire Alarm to Delay Vote

Elizabeth Warren Admits Democrats Rig Primaries

Social Justice Fallacies and Regressive Ideologies

In the News: Justin Trudeau Celebrates Ukrainian Nazi & More

8 Reasons General Mark Milley is a Traitor

Jordan Peterson Wonders - Is ADHD Even Real?

Ibram X Kendi's Antiracist Path to Marxism

The God Instinct

Is Gen Z Actually Fairly Normal?

The Most Expensive Isolation from Reality

Unschooling is the Future

Wikipedia is Whitewashing the History of Cultural Marxism

Liberty Based Solutions to the Homeless Problem

Chris Rufo on the Overt Politicization of American Education

The Violent "Inclusivity" of Socialism and Equity

The Long, Slow Death of American Community Life

Tucker Carlson: Jan 6th "Seems Like a Set-Up"

A War on the West: Noam Chomsky vs Douglas Murray

Lebron James Can't Read

Joe Biden is the Villain from Highlander 2

Here's How to Crush the Proletariat

8 Reasons General Mark Milley is a Traitor

Weekly Quote: Personality Responsibility is the Key to Liberty

Why was Ron Paul the Military's Favorite Congressman?

Weekly Tidbit: The Government Willingly Protects Drug Cartels

The Dangers of Woke Marxism

Gimme Pizza or Give Me Death

Native Reservations Need Better Private Property Protections

The Woke Corporation is Dead

Weekly Tidbit: Freedom vs Force

The Libertarian Game: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Racism is like Ketchup

The Spontaneous Order of Capitalism and the Universe

Leave. Children. Alone.

DIE Methodology is Exactly as Bad as it Sounds

This Teacher of the Year Award Winner Said Public Schools are Prisons

Public Schooling is a Danger America Cannot Afford

Bud Light is Dead. Kill It Already.

Rand Paul's Case Against Socialism

John Taylor Gatto is the Type of Hero We Need Right Now

Here's Why College Degrees are Overrated

If there are no absolutes by which to judge society, then society is absolute

Thomas Sowell Tears Apart Woke Education

War is a Racket: Perpetual War and the Death of American Liberty

Here's How Milton Friedman Saved Chile

Jordan Peterson's 42 Rules for Life

Teacher's Unions are a Disgrace - Abolish Them

Rand Paul Slams Fauci for Funding Research that Led to the Deaths of 20 Million People

The Religion of Government is Forced Coercion

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Why Would God Allow for Scarcity in the Universe?

Change Yourself, Then Change the World

The Government Hates It When You Give Things Away for Free

Inflation: Destroyer of Nations

Howard Zinn's Legacy of Communist Indoctrination: The Podcast

The Parasitization of College Campuses

Freedom Over Equity

Bogi - The Libertarian Dog

Have Public Schools Ever Been Truly Secular?

Donaldo Drumpfo Apprehended by Manhattan Authorities, DA Embarrassed

Scientists Discover 97 New Genders, Stunning the World

Writing Your Own Script in Life

ChatGPT is a Commie Bot

Do Entrepreneurs and Immigrants Have Different DNA?

Rand Paul Destroys Moderna CEO Over Myocarditis Lies

Rand Paul Recommends Prison Time For This Dishonest Crook

Does the Government Create Recessions or Do People Just Get Sad?

Patriot Rand Paul Slams Corrupt Democrats and Walks Out on Lying Committee Members

Insulting Political Officials: A Reflection on $%!7 Power Dynamics

Rand Paul Once Demanded We Abolish the Department of Education

Is This the End of Gender?

Business is Increasingly Rejecting the Pronoun Cult

Howard Zinn's Legacy of Communist Indoctrination

Environmentalism is a Nasty Cult

Compulsory Schooling Destroys Independent Thought

Jordan Peterson Academy Is A Thing Now?

Abolish FEMA and DHS for Criminal Behavior

Disney+'s Woke Indoctrination of Children's Cartoons Has to Stop

Smithsonian Kicks Out and Bullies Catholic Kids

Rand Paul DISMANTLES Biden Over Horrible Covid Policy